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Do you remember when they asked you what you would like to do or who would you want to be when you grow up? We were all asked these questions when we were little. We could not wait to answer and to tell anyone who would like to hear us declare, “I will be a police officer, a firefighter or wonder woman, I will be the president” or “I want to be famous, an influencer or a YouTuber” for the newer generation. Didn’t we all aspire to be someone important?

We Aspired to be Somebody

Whatever the career or the aspiration that you had at the time you thought it was possible and nothing could ever stop you from reaching your dream. Yet, 10 years, 30 years, 40 or 50 years down the line you look at your life and all your aspirations and you wonder where did they go? What happened to me? How did I end up here? Why don’t I dream anymore?

Let me ask you this question. Have you achieved anything you said you would? Have you become the police officer you ever dreamed of and keep your neighborhood safe? Are you that surgeon? Are you a mother with one child or three children? Or the CEO and the best selling author? Did life get in the way and you got afraid of people’s opinions, distracted, and settled with your current situation? I know it is not easy to answer.

For us to live victoriously, we have to identify and recognize where we are and who we are. We should no longer live with the status quo of what people say about us and what we can achieve or not. If we are a people pleaser we will surely have that yearning in our spirits deep inside of us of things we have not accomplished meanwhile time is passing us by. With this in mind, how do we fix this?

You ARE Somebody

Les Brown says: “There is nothing as powerful as the human spirit”. I could not agree more! I love this quote so much as it shows that regardless of what happened in our lives we can still achieve the things we want. Life can get us down but if we set our mind to succeed and with determination, we will get back up and try again and again. The fear of failure should not stop us but rather motivate us to become victorious. In this post, we are looking at who we are because it is the foundation and that is the essence of victorious living.

Where Victorious Living Starts

Where does victorious living start? It starts with you! Yes, you!!! You are a three-part being: Spirit, Soul, and Body. Everything that you are helps you to live life, either positively or negatively. What you say and do has an impact and a consequence, whether temporary or permanent. Your emotions, your feelings will influence your decision making. If you choose to follow them, they will have an impact on how you see life, who you interact with, and your circle of influence that is your family and friends. Victorious living is a matter of life and death. You are either victorious or you are not. We are not looking at what is happening around you but INSIDE you! If you have a victor mentality, you will ultimately win and it does not matter how long it will take you to succeed.

Identify Negativity

Negativity is the success blocker and killer of dreams. It will say to you that you are not strong enough, you will not make it and everyone has abandoned you. Negativity will go even further and say to you that you are a failure and it is pointless to try again. It takes many shapes and forms; from tv news to someone you may know and even to the one very close to you. Negativity will bring its friends: fear, doubt, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and its cousins such as headaches, stroke, etc… It feeds itself off what you give it.

You have to remove negativity from your life to succeed. there is no other way!!! You cannot have a better and broad vision if you are negative. I know it is not easy to do it because we feel sorry for ourselves. We still feel the sting of betrayal and rejection and the taste of the last project that did not work. You still think about the miscarriage that happened last year or 3 years ago, or even the business you launched that was not as successful as you hoped it would be.

Ask The Important Questions

Take a piece of paper and ask yourself the difficult and important questions:

  • Who am I?
  • why am I here?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is my main goal in life?
  • Do I have aspirations? Dreams?
  • How do I see myself? As victor or a victim?
  • Am I a people pleaser?
  • Am I grateful for my life and where I am at?
  • What is my legacy? What do I want to leave here on this earth when I am gone?
  • Am I content or depressed?

Go as deep as you can, you are on the journey of becoming.

The journey of becoming

Well done, you have been brave enough to write down everything about yourself, the good the bad, and the ugly. The next step is to remove all negativity from your mind?  How do you do that? Simply with a VISION BOARD. Really? Yes!!!

A vision board about you and you only. A vision board of who you are, your identity, and how you see yourself in the future. Unlike the vision boards you see everywhere out there, your primary and sole focus is YOU. It is not a vision board about family, career, etc… Yes, you can have one like this at a later stage but first of all, you have to restore in your mind who you are, and how you see and that’s why it is so important to have a vision board.

We are rebooting ourselves or shall I say resetting to factory mode and that is a brand new canvas. How do we do it? Write down:

  • Everything you identified as positive when you wrote about yourself
  • Write down the opposite of any negative fact about you. For instance, if you are a sad person, write down ” I am a happy person”. You are reprogramming your mind to believe that you are a person of exception, a royal and loving person with all the beautiful attributes you came down to this earth with
  • write down your declarations about yourself and who you are becoming and who you want to become

You are now done with your vision board, your board of declarations.


Say it out loud every day

This is the process of beauty for ashes. You are now telling your brain to activate everything you wrote and sending new beliefs about yourself. Your brain works and shifts everything around and starts to believe what it sees and hears.

You are no longer a victim but a victor. All these things that you wrote down you have to declare them because this is who you are. This is your essence. By doing so you become a driving force with your declarations. This is your mission statement because when storms of life hit, you might be surprised but you will bounce back quicker. Deep down you know who you are and you might be shaken in the process but you will not be torn nor broken down.

As a result, you will become an anchor to many because you refuse to be swayed by the wave of difficulty. That is the secret to live victoriously: to know who you are and what you are here for. It is to know that as a spirit man you have so much power to succeed in life and that you are stronger than you think.


The world of possible

There is a famous story in the book of Genesis where Jacob took some fresh branches from plants and made white stripes on them by exposing the white inner wood of the branches. He placed those branches in front of the flock when they came in to drink. They mated in front of the branches and bore young that were streaked or speckled.  This is the power of vision! The flock reproduced what they saw, how much more us human beings! What we see and think we become. Thus, what you see in you, you become.

There is a warning though. As you read it out loud, your entire being will start fighting against everything you say, it will feel to you like it’s a lie but it is not. Take heart, you are changing, you are shifting and reprograming yourself to the world of wonders, to the world of majesty to the world of royalty, and to the world of the possible. It is no longer you being boxed in but it is you doing wonders. You are a person of wonders since everything you do has to create something wonderful.

Speaking it out loud will help remove the old mindset. It will start to fade away. This is good to do every day because you start seeing life with colors and compassion. Laughter is back in your life and you will see people with new eyes, the eyes of hope. No longer from a place of sadness but from a place of love and victory, from a place of embracing others.


Love through it all

Still not sure how to do it? How about you go in front of a mirror and look at yourself. For a very long time when I was in my teens, I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror but I started to love myself little by little. If I didn’t love myself how could I love somebody else?

So as you love yourself you are making yourself available for the impossible. You are now part of the giants, you are part of the tribe of those who live victoriously. You might not think it is happening but it has happened! The moment you started doing that exercise it has happened! But, you need to continue to practice it until you know that you know it is settled in your heart. Let me tell you this, the more you do it, the more you attract people. They become now more attracted to you because they see a change in your life.

I hope this has been an encouragement to you.


Until next time,

Your Virtual Best Sister.


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