About Me

Who am I?

I am Sarah Marielle and I decided to live with intention. In 2016 I underwent through tremendous financial pressure and mental depression, I was literally scared because I have tried so many times to get back up regardless of what life was throwing at me and I wasn’t winning. I felt I was a terrible mother because I thought I failed my kids as I couldn’t provide for them and we were living only from one income and it was difficult to make ends meet. Slowly and surely I regained confidence in myself and decided to take control of my life.

Being a mom helps you look for any opportunity to improve your life and here I was after graduating a masters degree in Electrical Engineering, in Renewable energy still without a job. I was sick and tired of the “go to school, study hard and get a job”. My dream was crushed.

I quickly realized that my degree, being a wife, a mother, sister and leader was not who I was. I needed to get back to my passion, my dreams and my aspirations. I needed to find ME. This was the best decision of my life. I started working on myself and value myself. Loving myself helped change the way I see life. I started acknowledging  that I was made for a purpose, that I can live victoriously and change the course for my life for the better and design it the way I always wanted. As I started noticing that many around me, families, friends, acquaintances and strangers from any walk of life we had something in common: we all wanted to live a life by design, with intention and in our own terms and get to where we want to be and be successful in every area of our lives.

Maybe you were brought to this blog by Design, and maybe we have something in common and you can relate and maybe you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? This blog is for you. This blog is for us.

Am I an expert? No but my real-life experiences have been teaching me to overcome. I love research and design and implement what I found and that is why I decided to be your Virtual Best Sister (VBS), a sister that encourages you not to give up  because you are stronger than you think. Life can be hard but you are tougher. Life may knock you down but you can get back up again and again.

this blog is about victorious living. Living victoriously is the way to a better health, better nutrition, better financial management and more importantly, Victorious Living is a better YOU in any area of your life.

Your Virtual Best Sister,

Sarah Marielle